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From local vegetable farmers to family-owned national partner.

Company History

Krier Foods is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated business known for its service-oriented attitude and renowned family driven culture. With flexibility, passion and experience, Krier Foods continues to meet the most demanding needs in the beverage packaging industry.


Small Farming Roots

Krier Foods’ rich heritage began in 1908 as a small farming company in Belgium, Wisconsin.

Krier Preserving Company

After the first five years of success pursuing the market’s needs of canned produce, Krier Preserving Company was founded by J.B. Krier in 1913.

A New Location

In the early 1920’s, the company had already outgrown its two-line facility, which led them to build a new location ten miles away in Random Lake, Wisconsin. At the new packing facility, brands such as Serv-U-Rite, Bell of Belgium and most notably, Jolly Good Soda were developed.

National Brands

In the 1950’s, Krier Foods started canning national brands and, as the demand for production increased, made updates to its facility in order to accommodate the growing market.

Jolly Good Soda Was Created

Krier Foods began to package cans of soda on a contract basis in the 1960s and in 1970, they launched their own soda line called Jolly Good.[3] By the 1980s, Krier Foods started focusing solely on soda production, developing almost 50 different flavors of Jolly Good by the 1990s. At their peak of production, Jolly Good distributed soda throughout the Midwestern states including Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and, of course, Wisconsin.

Expansion Added

In preparation of expanding contract manufacturing production of national beverage brands, Krier Foods added on to its main facility in 2005. Peak production at just shy of 20-million cases was reached by 2008.

Hundred Year Legacy

In 2013, Krier Foods celebrated its 100th anniversary. To pay homage to the family name, fifth generation president, John Rassel, relaunched the Jolly Good soda brand with the help of a long time family friend in 2014.

Brewer’s Permit

Come 2018, Krier Foods acquired a brewer’s permit to allow manufacturing of alcoholic beverages.

Present Day

As of 2020, Krier Foods continues to be one of the industry’s preferred beverage co-packers. We are very proud of our company’s legacy and reputation throughout the industry.

Our Mission Statement

Krier Foods is a family-oriented beverage contract packer with an innovative desire to serve. We are driven by our people and the relationships we create.

A commitment to quality every step of the way.

The manufacturing facility at Krier Foods is over 300,000 square feet and houses some of the most efficient start-to-finish beverage production equipment in the industry. All production lines are equipped with quick-change modular parts in order to accommodate packaging of all shapes and sizes. In addition to our highly flexible production equipment, 200,000 square feet is dedicated to finished goods storage, where products can be picked up and shipped directly to our fifteen truck loading bays.

Within the facility, there is a testing lab with state of the art equipment and a clean room dedicated to performing micro testing and sampling. Whether it is small batches of experimental soft drinks, or large quantities of contract packaged national brands, Krier Foods can pour, store and deliver products directly to market. 

On a product basis, Krier Foods regularly maintains organic and Kosher certifications, which allows for maximum production efficiency and ease of distribution to be met. Client satisfaction and beverage packing certifications are always top priority. 

We love giving back to the place we live and work.


Krier Foods and its employees are firm believers in supporting the communities where we live and work. We are current members of the Random Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, we are also affiliated with Food and Beverage Wisconsin (FaB), which focuses on building a strong industry through leadership, global awareness, sustainable growth and innovation.

In addition to our contract packing services, Krier Food is the sole producer of Jolly Good Soda. Jolly Good Soda also takes pride in our local community. Berry Blue, the Jolly Good Soda mascot, often makes appearances in Random Lake and nearby towns. Together, we have active partnerships with the Make-A-Wish Wisconsin Walk and Mel’s Charities. We also collaborate with and support many organizations throughout the year such as the Random Lake Fire Department, Random Lake School District, local healthcare facilities and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sheboygan County. To stay up to date on how we are supporting our local communities, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Join our endless career opportunities for students. Thinking through all the possibilities can be overwhelming; which is why we are here to walk with you every step of the way. Krier has a variety of options that you can pursue both during and after high school. Learn more about our Job Shadows, Youth Co-ops, Senior Workforce Pathway and Youth Apprenticeships opportunities by clicking here

Krier Foods is located in Random Lake, WI, a small, rural town in southern Sheboygan  County. Located along State Highway 57, we are a comfortable 45 minute drive south to Milwaukee, and an easy 15-to 20-minute drive from cities like Sheboygan, Plymouth, West Bend and Port Washington. 

There are many recreational opportunities available on the lake for every season: from tubing and swimming to ice fishing and ice skating. It is the first lake north of Milwaukee making it a popular day-trip destination.  We are a short drive from Lake Michigan, the Kettle-Moraine State Forest, Harrington Beach State Park, a dozen challenging golf courses and many other features of Sheboygan County such as Road America. 

Random Lake offers an excellent school system with opportunities in athletics, music and theatre arts, an excellent community library, prosperous businesses, active churches and attractive neighborhoods and parks.

We can't wait to work together.

Exceeding customer expectations for over 100 years

Krier Foods is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated business known for its service-oriented attitude and renowned family driven culture.

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