Krier Foods helps customers meet the toughest of challenges

Krier Foods is an expert in co-packing with the flexibility to accommodate just about any need. Krier’s resources are vast and their bench is deep; when it comes to canning and bottling, there’s little Krier hasn’t done – and nothing they can’t do.

One-stop-shop for every facet of beverage production

Krier Foods has 100 years of accommodating the evolving needs of the packing industry. They are truly a one-stop-shop for beverage co-packing needs. From initial consultation by their in-house beverage specialists, to mixing, blending, bottling to fulfillment and shipping—Krier Foods is the easiest solution for beverage production.

  • Four Aluminum can lines
  • Hot fill pasteurize, Tunnel pasteurize, cold fill carbonate
  • 5.5oz, 6.8oz, 8.4oz Trim can, 10oz Sleek, 12oz, 12oz Sleek, 16oz

Currently Unavailable

  • Batch sizes can range from 1,000 gallons to 8,000 gallons
  • Single serve or syrup
  • Variable speed sheer liquefiers for blending powders
  • Ability to pump concentrates from drums or totes
  • Bulk receiving lines to handle tanker loads

Krier Foods has industry contacts for fulfillment, labels and distrubution.

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