Krier Foods is a family-owned beverage packing company with a 100-year heritage of customer-oriented service.

Krier Foods’ rich heritage began in 1908 as a small farming company in Belgium, Wisconsin. After our first five years of success and pursuing the market’s needs of canned produce, the founders created Krier Preserving Company. In the early 1920’s the company had already outgrown its two-line facility. Seeking diversity in it’s manufacturing and employment base, they built a new location ten miles away in Random Lake, Wisconsin.

At the new packing facility we developed brands of our own like Serv-U-Rite, Bell of Belgium and most notably, Jolly Good soda. In the 1950’s Krier Foods started canning national brands and, as the demand for production increased, made updates to its facility in order to accommodate the growing market.

By 2008, Krier had reached our peak in production at just shy of 20-million cases. Over the last century, Krier has canned for a handful of clients, from regional to national to independent brands. This fifth-generational contract packer has the flexibility, interest and experience to fulfill the most demanding needs in the beverage packing industry.

Flexible, accessible and downright convenient

Krier Foods’s 300,000 square foot facility houses some of the most efficient start-to-finish beverage production equipment in the industry. Every one of our production lines are equipped with quick-change modular parts to accommodate packaging of any size and shape. In addition to tour highly flexible production equipment, 200,000 square feet are dedicated to finished goods storage and products can be picked for shipping directly to our fifteen truck loading bays.


Krier Foods also has a testing lab with state of the art equipment and a clean room dedicated to performing micro testing and sampling. Whether small batches of experimental soft drinks or large quantity of contract packaged national brands, Krier Foods can pour it, store it and deliver your product directly to your market.

Certified and qualified to ensure customer satisfaction

Krier Foods is focused on client satisfaction and maintains current beverage packing certifications. The company is organically and Kosher certified on a product basis to allow for efficiency during production and ease of distribution.